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Chief Operating Officer | MD Black Mule

Greg Karpinski is the Chief Operating Officer of KEO International Consultants.  In his role he is responsible for managing the company’s financing, operating performance, new strategic initiatives and implementing a range of business process improvement programs.  He has more than 22 years of management and investment experience across a range of industries.

Prior to joining KEO he had served as the Chief Operating Officer for the on-demand custom clothing start-up Isabella Wren where he led the successful effort to secure the company a new investment and business partner. Before joining Isabella Wren he had spent ten years at Standard Chartered Bank and Standard Chartered affiliates.  While at the bank he rose to Managing Director with Standard Chartered Private Equity (“SCPE”) and served as executive officer and board member of SCPE investee companies.  While a member of the SCPE team, he played a key role in completing over USD1 billion equity investments in Asian and African power, transportation, shipping, telecommunications, water and environmental services companies. Before his time at SCB, Greg was a Co-Founder of Arizona Heart International. From 2001 to 2006, Greg worked at InterGen, a global power generation in Asia and the United States. Before joining InterGen, Greg spent three years with British Petroleum.

Greg holds an MBA from Boston University (United States) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Tufts University (United States).

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